2012 NBA Playoffs: CONFERENCE Finals (6-4-12)

Now that 12 out of the previous 16 teams in the playoffs have been eliminated…. There are 4 teams left; and those teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, Miami HEAT, and Boston Celtics…..

The series look like this:

.MIAMI HEAT vs Boston Celtics (series tied: 2-2)

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder (Thunder Lead 3-2)

***The way it’s currently looking, it appears that we will have a Thunder-HEAT NBA Finals coming soon…

The 3 best players left in the playoffs are:

1A: Rajon Rondo

1B: LeBron James

1C:Kevin Durant

**I can’t rate them 1,2,3 because they all have been killing teams in the playoffs .

**Rondo just had a 44pt, 10ast, 8reb game…. By far the best game out of anyone in the playoffs in my opinion.

My top 5 players in the playoffs OVERALL (includes players on teams who’ve been eliminated)

1.LeBron James (29pts, 9reb, 5ast)

2.Rajon Rondo (17pts, 12ast, 7reb)

3.Kobe Bryant: (30pts, 5reb, 5ast)

4.Kevin Durant: 27pts, 8reb, 4ast

5.Tony Parker/Dwyane Wade: (Parker: 19pts, 7ast) (Wade: 22pts, 4reb, 4ast)

*Notable injuries: Chris Bosh( out), Ray Allen( playing but has injured ankle), Pierce(playing but has knee injury)




May 26th…. 2nd round of NBA Playoffs… DONE

In the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs there are always 8 teams left and 4 series going on.

The 8 teams left are the L.A Lakers, OKC Thunder, LA Clippers, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Miami HEAT, Indiana Pacers, Philidelphia 76ers

*The series look like this:

L.A Lakers vs OKC Thunder (OKC wins 3-1)

Spurs vs L.A Clippers (Spurs win 4-0)

Miami HEAT vs Indiana Pacers (HEAT win 4-1)

Celtics vs 76ers (Celtics win 4-3)

SUPERstars left in the postseason: , Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

,Stars left: Rajon Rondo, , Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook

My opinion on top players OVERALL in the playoffs are/were:

1.LeBron James: 29pts, 9reb, 5ast

2. Kobe Bryant: 30pts, 5reb, 5ast

3.Kevin Durant: 26pts, 8.5reb, 4ast

LEADING SCORERS overall in playoffs:

1.Kobe: 30pts

2.LeBron: 29pts

3.Carmelo: 27pts

4.Durant: 26pts

My 2012 NBA Finals prediction(s)

OKC Thunder vs Boston Celtics

Spurs vs HEAT

OKC Thunder vs HEAT

DURANT,BRYANTKobe vs lebron