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2012 NBA Playoffs: CONFERENCE Finals (6-4-12)

Now that 12 out of the previous 16 teams in the playoffs have been eliminated…. There are 4 teams left; and those teams are the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, Miami HEAT, and Boston Celtics…..

The series look like this:

.MIAMI HEAT vs Boston Celtics (series tied: 2-2)

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder (Thunder Lead 3-2)

***The way it’s currently looking, it appears that we will have a Thunder-HEAT NBA Finals coming soon…

The 3 best players left in the playoffs are:

1A: Rajon Rondo

1B: LeBron James

1C:Kevin Durant

**I can’t rate them 1,2,3 because they all have been killing teams in the playoffs .

**Rondo just had a 44pt, 10ast, 8reb game…. By far the best game out of anyone in the playoffs in my opinion.

My top 5 players in the playoffs OVERALL (includes players on teams who’ve been eliminated)

1.LeBron James (29pts, 9reb, 5ast)

2.Rajon Rondo (17pts, 12ast, 7reb)

3.Kobe Bryant: (30pts, 5reb, 5ast)

4.Kevin Durant: 27pts, 8reb, 4ast

5.Tony Parker/Dwyane Wade: (Parker: 19pts, 7ast) (Wade: 22pts, 4reb, 4ast)

*Notable injuries: Chris Bosh( out), Ray Allen( playing but has injured ankle), Pierce(playing but has knee injury)




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2 responses to “2012 NBA Playoffs: CONFERENCE Finals (6-4-12)

  1. Good information on the players. In my opinion I think that the two teams in the finals are the “Heat” and the “Spurs”. I agree with you with the top 5 players.

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