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NBA Playoffs Week 2

The NBA playoffs is currently in it’s 1st round and thus far only 3 series out of eight are competitive. Those series are: Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Clippers; and Chicago Bulls vs Phillidelphia 76ers.

If you don’t know much about the NBA playoff structure… Well a team must win 4 games and it could take a team as long as 7 games if the series goes back and forth.

The top 5 players thus far in the playoffs in my opinion are in this order:

1.Kobe Bryant

2.LeBron James

3.Andrew Bynum

4.Russell Westbrook

5.Kevin Durant

This is the race in all the series so far:

Spurs vs Jazz (Spurs lead 2-0)

Thunder vs Mavericks (Thunder up 3-0)

Lakers vs Nuggets (Lakers up 2-0)

Grizzlies vs Clippers(Series tied 1-1)

Bulls vs 76ers (tied 1-1)

HEAT vs Knicks (HEAT up 3-0)

Pacers vs Magic (Pacers up 2-1)

Hawks vs Celtics (series tied 1-1)

The 3 top three teams that have looked the most impressive in my opinion are:

1.San Antonio Spurs

2.Miami HEAT


It’s too early to really say but I firmly believe that the NBA Finals will be The Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami HEAT


Top 5 player Derrick Rose is out for the entire playoffs


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